a feygele


Hello! This journal is now friends-only. However I'm a pretty friendly lady, so let's be friends. Or alternately, here is a list of some fic I wrote:

South Park:
One Hundred Percent Coriander Free Kenny/Loogie. 12,657 words. SPRMB
untitled ficlet Cartman, Craig. 475 words. tumblr
Just Desserts Cartman, Butters. 1,236 words. LJ AO3
Part of Your World Cartman/Kyle. 6,478 words. LJ AO3
Liberal Pandemic Conspiracy Cartman/Butters. 2,322 words. AO3
Tearing up my Heart Cartman/Kyle. 45,929 words. SPBB AO3

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia:
Trash Night Mac/Dennis. 979 words. AO3

The Dignity of Work Gary/Pete. 1,400 words. LJ AO3